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Products and Services
We formed our business in 2014 with three lil pigs, and by the time we established our online presence in 2016. We have  successfully completed processing of our hogs from the bottom teir to the top tier. We believe in raising pigs in their natural woodland setting, free of hormones & antibiotics. No confined barnes, just the sky ,green pasture, walnut & oak trees and healthy soil. All Nature thank you to Ernest Overby.

Our pigs are processed at a local USDA Inspected Facility.

Available now- Whole Hogs, Family Pack, and Custom Cuts.

  • Whole Hogs (Hanging Weight)--$3.75 Per lb. 
  • Half Hog (Hanging Weight)--$4.25 Per lb. 
  • 25lb. Family Pack--$199 
  • Custom Cuts.. Please contact us.

T.W. Farms 
103 New College St
Oxford NC 27565
919-495-1383 Office
                  It is my goal to provide you the most delicious pork you have ever tasted and do it in a way that`s good for you and goo for the pigs!!!

Teddy Wright -- T.W. Farms
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Fax: (919)562-3264
T.W. Farms